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Samantha Danahy


My name is Samantha Danahy and I have been helping people get organized for over ten years. My expertise in organization comes from 35 years of being my mother’s daughter. As a child, I wrote lists with my crayons and implemented systems to keep my stuffed animals organized. As an adult, I realized not everyone has my attention to detail and knack for organization. I’ve since honed my skills to create systems and customize them to work best for each individual client.

Most people hate moving; I love it. Originally from the East Coast, I moved across and around the country a number of times before settling in Jackson Hole in 2006. I find great satisfaction in transforming a house into a home. I believe every detail that goes into this transformation, from the kitchen to a closet, should be executed with care.




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PO Box 1510
Jackson, WY 83001

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